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Noroi (2005)

Noroi (2005)
Full Movie (English Subtitles)

A documentary maker explores a curse called ”Kagutaba”.

Should you know more about Noroi then this single sentence?
It’s a review so I guess you do, but I’ll try to stay away from spoilers.

The Grudge, The Ring and Dark Water; They all have one thing in common: the original movies came from Japan.
Because we need to label everything it received the (not very original) name: J-Horror.

But enough chit-chat, let’s get on with business!

If you’ve seen one of the movies mentioned above ( or any other J-Horror ) you know what to expect: Weird characters, an eerie atmosphere and lots of scares.

Noroi certainly has all of the above. It’s a movie that was brought to my attention by scavenging the web and weirdly enough still (7 years since it’s initial release) hasn’t found it’s audience. It sits on IMDB with a 7.3 based on 1812 votes. Horror isn’t exactly known for getting a lot of votes and IMDB certainly isn’t the standard to go by but when a horror receives a grade above 6.5 most people know they should expect something above average.

The movie clocks in at 115 minutes and tells a very layered tale about our protagonist Kobayashi. A paranormal investigator who has that Lt. Somerset feel. He comes across as a man who has seen a lot of stuff in his life and isn’t particularly scared by his newly started investigation. Though calling the movie scary is something I try to steer clear off. It depends on how open you are to its mythology and setting.

If you’re like me and when you’re riding your bike home in the middle of the night through a badly lit park start imagining all sorts of horrors, this could well be your thing. There’s a constant sense of eerieness (frequently getting killed by weirdly placed snippets from a gameshow) that requires the viewer to stay alert.
But it does require for the viewer to be patient and focussed on what unfolds on screen.
If you meet those requirements, by all means: click the link and start watching it, it’s worth your time.

The found footage/shaky cam genre which has emerged since ”The Blair Witch Project” can add this to its line of movies. But don’t let that startle you because it does try (and in my opinion succeeds) to do something original with it’s story.

3/5 stars!



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