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Hank Moody | The study of a controversial character

Some people know the name, some don’t.
There are probably a lot more people who know the guy who’s portraying him: David Duchovny.

Known from his role on ‘The X-Files’ as agent Mulder, Duchovny started his work on Californication back in ’07.

As is with most things you see on tv, be it a movie or a tv-show, it aims to entertain, and it does. Featuring multiple storylines and characters who are easy to get emotionally involved with, critics still write it off as a somewhat vulgar piece of art.

But mr. Moody is one of the most layered characters I’ve ever come across in any show I know of. His actions all generate from a constant feeling of being the only one ‘who gets it’.

That ‘it’ can be defined as anything, but it certainly stands for a society that has significantly demolished it’s way of communicating with eachother and calls ‘social media’ a step forward.
On top of that, or because of that, there’s his ongoing troubles with women.

This is probably the most interesting part to analyze. I’m not afraid to say that I idolize his character because of the way he portrays his feelings, all resorting from a complicated thinking process. It’s not about scoring women, it’s about desperately trying to connect. To be understood and to find something thats worthwhile.

It takes one to know one I guess, so it’s probably not spent on everyone to see the complex structures in his character, but you’d be doing yourself a favour by trying out a season of ‘Californication’ and finding out if you can look past its flashy coat to see the grizzled bearings that lay underneath.

This show shows us something that isn’t found in any other tv-show that’s airing right now.
It’s about a man who has lost his heart on one woman and isn’t settling for anything less than her.
On top of that he has a serious case of writer’s block and any sort of addiction is prone to find it’s way into his life.

These predicaments he finds himself in get complimented even more by some excellent dialogue (pretty much an essential for a writer) and a very strong soundtrack throughout the 5 seasons that have been aired so far.
If you need some visuals to push yourself over the edge and start watching this gem of a show; watch below!
It will tell you about Hank, his love for Karen (the woman who beared his child) and his efforts to be understood.


One thought on “Hank Moody | The study of a controversial character

  1. I have very much wanted to watch Californication for some time now and I now understand the premise thanks to your write up. I only knew some bits and pieces of what the show was about but nothing more. I am a big fan of Duchovny and I will get started on the show very soon. Good write up!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | February 1, 2012, 18:50

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