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Spoorloos (The Vanishing) (1988)

The Netherlands are commonly known for windmills, drugs and being cheap. When it comes to movies most people come up with Paul Verhoeven, Famke Janssen or Rutger Hauer.
But there is a gem, and I should repeat this, A GEM of a movie that was made in 1988, which every selfrespecting moviefan should check out.

Spoorloos (which loosely translated means: Vanished) was made in 1988 by George Sluizer, a Dutch director, based on a short novel by Tim Krabbé.

Its premise is ever so simple, a young couple (Rex & Saskia) go on a holiday to France by car. When they stop for gas and Rex pays the cassier in the shop, Saskia vanishes.

Everyone who knows what love is, knows what its like to lose someone. Whether its through death, growing apart, or simply just missing someone for the time being. This movie plays with that emotion, lets you slowly feel how its like to lose someone and not get him or (in this particular case) her back.

If this movie needs anything its a villain, and in Raymond Lemorne, we get a great one.
We see his family life, his way of thinking, his precision in preparing his trap and the scariest part about it all is that he’s human.

It’s not the gloved Freddy Krueger, or the can’t be/won’t be killed likes of Michael Myers.
No, it’s a science teacher, who just needs a minute to take the person you love away from you.
There are movies who shine if you dont know anything about them, and Im going to honor that tradition by not delving into any further details.

This is the movie you need to pop in and experience.
A little sidenote, the movie contains Dutch & French speaking actors, don’t let such a trivial thing stop you from checking it out with the captions on!

Turn your phone off, tell your wife to either sit down and watch it, or leave the room (same rule applies to husbands) and let this beast of a movie take your night and thoughts from you.

They don’t come much better than this, regarding tension, character development and the power to let you think twice about taking that roadtrip into Europe.

9/10 stars!

The movie was remade by Mr. Sluizer in 1993 with Kiefer Sutherland and Jeff Bridges, avoid that movie if you can, and watch the original one from 1988. This is one example where the original definitely trumps over the remake.



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