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Introducing JK’s Movie Blog | A Box Of Chocolates

Well this is new, for you as it is for me. A new section on the “That Dutch Filmlover” website which I have the privilege to fill. I am used to writing blogs, columns or whatever you like to call them. Yet, I never wrote them in English so there’s definitely a challenge there. My blogs always had a wide variety of subjects that I talked about. Now I have to stick to a more movie based blog. I have a movie or film based history of education. In high school I wrote a thesis about the relationship between a Dutch book and its moving descendant and after high school I did 4 years of audio/visual designing which resulted in graduating on directing.

Just like the reviews on this website my blogs are opinion based. You simply might agree, disagree or feel the urge to discuss certain point of views with psychiatrists or other shrink like individuals to help you cope with my realistic or twisted opinions. Feel free to do so or just leave a comment below the blog.

Sometimes my blogs will be like a Spielberg movie, fun and easy for a big audience of all ages. My blogs can be a little bit George Lucas as well but they are always the right amount of Lucas. I will NOT rewrite them and change the important bits the audience loves. In my blogs Han always shoots first. And just to make sure, my blogs will never be like “the tree of life”, they are never too long and too complicated. Like my mom always said: “my blogs are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

–          Jomme Keller



2 thoughts on “Introducing JK’s Movie Blog | A Box Of Chocolates

  1. Good on you Jomme!! In what frequency are you going to blog here? I’ll look out for your stories. Happy blogging 🙂

    Posted by pelgrimrat | May 9, 2012, 16:29
  2. happy chocolats day

    Posted by jayesh y. hard | February 9, 2013, 08:06

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