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Get The Gringo (2012)

There was a time when Mel Gibson was known solely for his work on the big screen. The Lethal Weapon series, Braveheart, Signs, Payback, Maverick, Bird on a Wire, Conspiracy Theory, this is a list that contains a lot of quality movies.

But after a bunch of racial slurs made the headlines combined with a 7 year hiatus from making new movies, we finally see a glimpse of the oldschool Mel we have grown to know and love.

‘Get The Gringo’ or ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation’ as it’s being called in the UK, is the story of Driver, who is in essence the combination of Porter from ‘Payback’ and Martin Riggs from the ‘Lethal Weapon’ series.

‘Driver’ is a nameless man who we see getting thrown in a mexican prison in the opening sequence. Not just any prison, it’s practically a small town thats filled with scumbags who trade in drugs, weapons and other illegal properties. This is ofcourse the kind of role that Mel Gibson has known to portray often, a flawed yet strong man who ultimately has the heart in the right place.

‘El Pueblito’ as the prison is called arguably is the biggest star of the movie.
Wonderfully realised in an old prison in Veracuz, Tijuana which once held over 3 times the maximum population of 2000, it’s not only wonderfully set up but also expertly shot by the craftsman Benoit Debie who has movies like ‘Enter The Void’ and ‘Irreversible’ on his resumé.
The main storyline is absolutely bonkers, revolving around a organ transplant, but the side story about a boy who inhabits the prison with it’s mother and meets up with our lead Driver is decent enough.

Definitely a case of good intentions, but not all as expertly executed as possible.
Well shot and featuring a Mel Gibson that’s on his return to great form, it’s worth a watch.
That watch however, proves to be different for several regions, as it’s being released on VOD in the USA and skipping a theatrical release. As opposed to Europe which does get the cinematic release.
Whether that’s due to the fact that mr. Gibson has been quite controversial in the past is hard to disclose, however, if you remember the good times you had with ‘Payback’ you owe it to yourself to check this out at some point.

Gritty, Fun and definitely Entertaining with a capital E.

7,5/10 stars!



7 thoughts on “Get The Gringo (2012)

  1. Must. See. This. Thanks for the review.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | May 15, 2012, 19:58
  2. Nice review Paul, looking forward to watching this! Thanks!!! *Neil

    Posted by Last Road Reviews | May 15, 2012, 22:32
  3. Just watched “Get the Gringo”. Although the fun factor was a 7 I would rate the movie around a 6/6.5. I cant help to watch Mr Gibson and think what Agent Murtaugh said to himself. “I’m to old for this shit”. Where Danny Glover seems to choose roles fitting his age Mr Gibson need to realise that he is getting older too, and he can’t blame that on the jews!

    Posted by JK | September 5, 2012, 11:24
    • A lot of it relies on your soft spot for Mr. Gibson or at least the sort of role he’s playing. It’s not the best of movies, but for what it is: I stand by my orginal grading. Danny Glover is doing roles that are more fitting but then again, Danny Glover is hardly the actor that mr. Gibson is (aside from his private outings) so I dont know if he even has a selection of scripts to choose from.

      Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | September 5, 2012, 17:09

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