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Men In Black III (2012)

Every now and again word gets out of a movie production which isn’t quite progressing the way that it should, from script rewrites to a total stop of principal photography, ‘Men In Black III’ has had a widely documented number of these types of incidents happen during it’s time in production hell. But has it affected the quality of the movie?

Will Smith has been gone for 4 years since making ‘Seven Pounds’ and it’s safe to say he’s pretty much a guarantee for box office success.
Add to that the fact that it’s a franchise which has already established a following and it’s bound to end up making a profit.

The story isn’t particularly noteworthy, Tommy Lee Jones’ character agent K get’s killed by an old nemesis called ‘Boris the Animal’ (portrayed by Jemaine Clement) and it’s up to agent J (Will Smith) to undo this murder. Because here’s the stinger: the crime is committed by Boris in the past, to be specific: in the 1960’s.
Word has it that this is the part that Will Smith insisted on adding, and the addition of Josh Brolin as a young version of K is one of the highlights of the movie.

The thing with sequels is that we already know parts of what we’re going to see, the obligatory scenes where a crowd needs to be flashed, the banter between J and K is all familiar, and it’s with these moments that it becomes painfully clear that the script, and more specifically the dialogue is a huge mess. Making Will Smith a person who isn’t funny at all is quite hard to achieve, and yet this movie succeeds doing just that on more than one occasion.

To this mix of characters comes the addition of ‘Griffin’ played by Michael Stuhlbarg,a guy who can see the future and all of it’s different possibilities and outcomes. He’s got a few scenes that really stand out and show what great potential the MIB series has when used properly. The scale of his words is never met in what we see on screen, and besides a somewhat sentimental touch near the end which deepens the bond between J and K, it’s a mediocre sequel at best.

Men in Black III serves its purpose however and manages to entertain, and give you somewhat of a smile through some occasions (even when some hilarious parts of the trailer aren’t even in the movie itself), but the blueprint that makes up this movie isn’t good, which shows in the end.
Ultimately it’s a question of what you want to get out of this blockbuster, if it’s a simple story, with characters you’ve grown to like, it’s surprisingly better than you’d think.
If you’re looking for a proper story and a decent cinematography, it’s best to wait until May 31st when ‘Prometheus’ will hit the screens.

7/10 stars!



4 thoughts on “Men In Black III (2012)

  1. Very nice review Paul. Short & sweet but very concise!

    Posted by Santos Ellin Jr (The Black Saint) | May 28, 2012, 22:48
  2. like always, a clear and honest review. I cant wait to see this entry. I’m a big fan of the franchise.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | May 29, 2012, 01:16
  3. Damn, again you give the reader the nitty gritty!! Great review, cant wait to see this. By the by, the length of your review is perfect. It is not neccesary to go on and on with ones write ups. Your not reviewing a classic film your reviewing a film from the 21st century!! Great stuff Paul!!*Neil W.WrightakaTedBrogan

    Posted by Last Road Reviews | May 29, 2012, 01:27
  4. Watched Men in Black 3 in the cinemas last night. I know a bit late. I was a bit disappointed. Can’t help to say that the 7 needs to be a 6 in my opinion. Uff and this new character Griffin…I can’t stand him. Josh Brolin is a perfect pick for a younger K.

    Posted by JK | July 7, 2012, 14:37

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