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JK’s Movie Blog | Saturday Night @ The Movies

The title featured above is not only the title of my blog, it is also a song-title of a 60’s song performed by the Drifters. The song defines what going to the movies is all about. Or to put it into different words, used to be all about.  Because the romantic version of going to the movies is long gone. By looking at the lyrics of this song by the Drifters we learn that going to the movies used to be a completely different experience than it is now. Let’s take a quick look at the chorus of the song:

“Saturday night at the movies, Who cares what picture you see
when you’re huggin’ with your baby in the last row in the balcony?”

If I go to the movies on a Saturday night, I do care what movie I will see. In the 60’s you’d probably go the cinemas for a nickle and a dime, nowadays you need to be making more than just Joe the Plummer to see one. In Holland you pay for your movie but if it’s in 3d you pay extra and when a movie lasts longer than 2 hours as well. “Hugging with your baby in the last row in the balcony”? Now I can tell you one thing about the last row on the balcony. There are a lot of things going on there and I can assure you with the current generation of teenagers we have now, hugging ain’t one of them.

Another verse continues “and the popcorn from the candy stand makes it all seem twice as good”. Sounds good doesn’t it: a candy stand. There is no way in hell they are referring to the hypermarkets we have to stroll through. The popcorn you’d get in the 60’s were modest buckets, nay cups of popcorn that would tease your tastebuds and would make sure you have something to nibble on. The buckets of popcorn you get now are so big that the amound of salt your body has to cope with completely dries you out. You would actually NEED a gallon of one of your favorite softdrinks to avoid getting Hypernatremia.

It creeps me out that there are actual people in the audience of a movie theater that, after 6 subsequent warnings to turn of your mobilephone, still manage to get it ringing and yes answer it as well. Most of you don’t realize this but these people can actually vote! People answering a mobile phone in the cinema are most of the times also the same people that bring a friend that can’t really catch the clue of a movie and needs to have an heads up every 5 minutes about a certain plotpoint or storyline. I had the prevelige to watch “The Return of the King” sitting next to someone who’s friend never saw the first 2 parts. Frodo throwing the ring in Mount Doom was the least of my worries in those 3 hours that followed.

Saturday night at the movies was a romantic datenight. Now it’s as romantic as Paris and the Eiffel Tower at night. In the back of your head you have that romantic view of the Eiffel Tower but in reality you have to pass 63 immigrants selling you all sorts of crap before you can even reach the damn thing. A movietheatre balcony contained hugs instead of handjobs and silent “ohhh’s “ and “ahh’s “ you could hear from a person being amazed by an actors performance are now drowned out by the sounds of mobile phones ringing. Football hooligans can get an stadium prohibition, why don’t movie hooligans get them? I have a suggestion to everybody that is reading this blog. It may sound a bit crazy and I feel almost ashamed to even bring it up. But let us all use the movie theater for the thing they are designed for…..wait for it…..yes sir-ee bob watching movies!



5 thoughts on “JK’s Movie Blog | Saturday Night @ The Movies

  1. I loved this blog from you!
    You are spot on with the whole development from it being a venue for art, and for human contact, to what it’s become now: a place for people to irritate and neglect whats being shown.
    It might be a bit negative to perceive it like this, but it’s definitely accurate (and specifically for The Netherlands: spot on).

    I must say, your blogs are such a great addition to this website, thanks!
    On top of that, your experience with LotR:RotK where exactly the same for me.
    I went to a marathon screening and set for 12+ hours with 2 women who didn’t know how to concentrate, the entire 12+ hours were spent with them trying to figure out the plot ( dude wants to chuck ring in the fire )..unbelievable!

    Keep doing what your doing Senor JK, its been great reading it!

    – Paul Knoop

    Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | June 18, 2012, 23:27
  2. I love to go the cinema because I want to support good movie-makers. Although all my favourite movies are (almost) all from the past century you can still see a decent movie nowadays – and I don’t mean just Hollywood-ones.
    I hate the fact that cinema has become so expensive. 6€ for a movie ticket? I mean, c’mon! And if the movie lasts for more than 2 hours than you get to pay extra. Because a movie lasting for 1:59h just can’t be as good as movie lasting for 2:01h – that’s why you need to pay more. Bullsh** Damn capitalist – they take every chance possible to make things more expensive. Why the don’t just come out with the price list:
    1:20h – 4€
    1:30h – 4,5€
    1:45h – 5€
    2:00h – 6€
    2:30h – 10€ ?
    And one more thing that makes me really mad – If I go to the cinema and I pay freaking 6€ for a movie I don’t want to watch 10 minutes of commercials at the beginning! Not the trailers but COMMERCIALS! Didn’t I just pay for the movie to be adverts free? What did I pay for? So that’s why I always go to the cinema at least 10 minutes later than it says on the ticket.
    Nevertheless I will still go to the cinema because I enjoy quality work and seeing a movie like LOTR or Matrix just needs to be seen in the theatres. I could never understand how one can watch a poor and shitty quality screener of some great movie. It ruins all the atmosphere.

    Posted by matej | June 19, 2012, 00:34
  3. spot on Jomme! I hardly go to the movies anymore. And when i go, i prefer a monday afternoon in a local cinema… i rather watch a movie on my big tv in the comforts of my living room than cope with all the discomforts of visiting a large cinema.

    Posted by Maarten | June 21, 2012, 10:21
  4. great essay. liked it. and film studios wonder why piracy is out of control. here in the states a movie night for 5 people (I can attest to this) can run well over a hundred dollars. ugh.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | June 24, 2012, 18:16
  5. @Victor: THanks man! Yes cinema prices are through the roof. Well here in Slovenia at the moment the prices for seeing a movie are still pretty good. 5 Euro’s.
    @Maarten: I think it’s time that the big movie concerns made place for smaller more intimate movietheaters. The problem is that most of the younger people don’t care and love big buckets of popcorn in the “supermarkets” in the cinemas.

    Posted by JK | July 1, 2012, 12:36

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