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The Bridge (2006)

The Golden Gate bridge is an icon of the USA.
Situated in San Francisco, this worldwide recognized ‘new world wonder’ is one of the most recognized images in the world.
But this bridge (and subsequently this documentary about it), details a more morbid history.

The Golden Gate bridge is the number 1 place in the world where people commit suicide. At times it would be as much as 1 person every 2 weeks, and it’s exactly this fact that made director Eric Steel interested in documenting the bridge for a full year back in 2004.

When Eric got the documents to secure his rights to filming the bridge for 24 hours a day, he managed to witness and record 24 suicides and prevent 5 in the year of 2004.
The documentary that followed works like a severe blow in the stomach.
Interviewing the people that are left behind by the so-called ‘jumpers’, and getting to know there state of mind and problems they were facing, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.
Suicide has become mainstream in a way, it happens a lot and it happens in varied ways, more often than not because of the state the world is in.

Watching those people made me realize once more just how fragile life is.
We watch a guy going for a jog on the bridge, talking on his cellphone, even laughing, then stopping midway, putting his cellphone in his pocket, and within a matter of seconds, he jumps into his death.
The power of a documentary like this normally lies in its images, and ‘The Bridge’ carries some haunting (and controversial) ones in it. Yet it’s the human side of it all that shines through.

It’s a documentary that doesn’t look for cheap and tasteless scares, it’s giving us a peak inside the lives of many different people who’s daily lives have been altered by a suicidal relative or best friend.
Having been witness to a suicide myself, I can relate instantly, but you’ll be hardpressed not to relate in some way or another with the stories told in here.

Fortunately, access to this movie is relatively easy since it can be viewed in its entirety right here: The Bridge and I urge you all to give this movie some of your hard earned free time.

9/10 stars!



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