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Tragically some lives end earlier than they are supposed to end. Ok, this ofcourse from a no religious point of view, some might agree that they are supposed to end at that time but the deaths come just as much as a surprise to us. So to start again, Tragically some lives already end at an early age. The showbizz seems to be a profession where early deaths can be found more than any other professions.

Musicians and actors can put the whole world to mourn like nobody else can. There are two deaths that “shocked” me the last couple of years. Ofcourse we have Michael Jacksons death that shocked the world. Walking around the globe Michael already looked like he had been touched by the Grim Reaper, but with his death we lost an icon and probably some great songs to come.

The other one that really got to me was the death of Heath Ledger. Heath did not really earn the “Icon” status quite yet, but left this world with an iconic version of the Joker in The Dark Knight. I really think that the man who started in a couple of teen movies had transformed his acting into something only the greatest of all actors could do. Well, now we have to do without. Or have we?

When the people at the Coachella festival in California  were enjoying their musical night they were not prepared for the shock they would have to recover from. Sweaty bodies from dancing and sore throats from singing gathered closer to the stage to see who the next performer would be. Pretty soon the curious crowd would be in shock and awe to see their next entertainer. Tupac Shakur got on stage, welcomed the Californian crowd and started moving his hands on the beat of “California Love” To top it all off Snoop Doggy Dog joined Tupac and they sung the sung as they did in 1995 when Tupac was still alive. Exactly, WAS still alive. The rapper that died in 1996 was alive and kicking! The Grim Reaper was not prepared for this!

After seeing  Tupac Shakur as a hologram performing at the Coachella on youtube my imagination got the best of me. Think about what we could do or where this tecnique could take us! Maybe in a few decades when I am celebrating my 50th birthday the people inside my livingroom would be watching Elvis Presley himself swinging his hips whilst standing on my diningroom table. And if they can do this with musicians than what would this even mean for the future movie business?

Ofcourse they are already able to recreate an actor using special effects. But than all the other actors in the movie would be acting and reacting to thin air and the results would only be visible after post-production. In the 3rd Batman installment Christian Bale could act alongside Heath Ledger. Every fan of “the Dark Knight” wanted Heith ledger to appear in the 3rd part aswell and their wishes would come true. But apart from a better and more natural actingperformance from Chistian Bale it would also be possible to take the movies outside of that damn screen.

Would it  be possible that we can really run with Forrest? Starve with Ghandi? Imagine what they could do in the Colosseum in Rome! Russel Crowe could please the crowd in front of their very eyes. The world of movies would change. You could watch movies happen in your livingroom, battles being fought in your garden, or you can just watch movies the old fashioned way on your televisionscreen but with movies containing the actors that are all long gone.

I think it would take a while before all that would be possible, so perhaps my 50th birthday is a bit to early. But since I am not in showbizz the odds are on my side. And I passed 27 aswell which seems to be a pretty critical age when being a star. Anyway if any of you reading this will be still alive when the moment is there, let’s say around 2070, and the Grim Reaper already paid me a visit. Please use the tecnique they used in 2012! Because I sure as hell want to be there to witness it all, even as a hologram.



One thought on “JK’s Movie Blog | Defying The Grim Reaper

  1. Another great entry Jomme. I think your writing improves each and every column!

    Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | July 17, 2012, 11:01

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