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Lockout (2012)

A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.

We’ve all been there at some point in our movie watching lives. You see a trailer and deep inside you know it’ll suck, but you still feel you should watch it. It could be because of the spaceships, that specific actor or actress, or maybe you’re just a sucker for severe mental punishment, whatever the case is: Lockout provides.

I was going into this movie with a fairly open mind regarding quality. My little nephew had seen it and was entertained, it had some quick action and some eyecandy in the form of Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, but boy does this movie suck.

First things first, the first few minutes establishes the synopsis I’ve provided above, Snow (Guy Pearce), gets framed for murder and is sentenced to thirty years in stasis. Stasis Paul? Yes dear reader: Stasis. You see, in Lockouts universe, a prison has been made in space where the inhabitants are forced into sleep for the amount of years they are sentenced for. Not only would this mean that if you murder 200 people, all you had to do was sleep it off, you’ll do it without even noticing that you did the time for a crime.
Anyway, neglecting that little part, Snow is sent off, only minutes before him actually boarding a spaceship, news comes out that the president’s daughter is on the space prison, and what would you know?? the prisoners managed to get out and take over.

Snow goes from being a state of the enemy to being their only hope, and in exchange for a lesser punishment and the promise that his answer to innocence can be found there, is shipped off to the planet.
Which leads me to the special effects, they sure are special, in the same way that we call people with Down Syndrome special, they absolutely (in contrary to people with Down Syndrome) suck. It’s like watching a cheap videogame from 2005, and I can’t believe people have seen the dailies and went: ‘this is great!’.

Pearce tries to get the best out of the role, but at times even he looks as if he doesn’t know what the hell brought him from the set of Prometheus to Lockout. Mind you, the same Lockout that almost had him in scheduling conflicts and thus having to give up the role for Prometheus. He’s always been a mixed bag to me, a very able actor, with some poor choices in movies he makes spread in between the great ones.

Maggie Grace plays the president’s daughter, basically doing nothing more than screaming, running, spitting 2 lines of dialogue (managing to make them sound forced as well) and I actually was rooting for her to get killed off by one of the escaped criminals.
Ah yes, the escaped criminals, imagine this: 497 criminals are suddenly set free from their cells, the worst of the worst are kept there: rapists, murderers, psychotics etc. Naturally, within 5 minutes of their breakout, they’ve established a leader, a hierarchy, henchman and the mutual goal of using the presidents daughter as leverage to make it to Earth.
No, that’s not realistic mr. producer, which was probably met with a big middle finger.

Lockout is what it is, a bunch of ludicrous script choices, crazy scenes, dialogue, character choices and special effects all rolled into one cinematic release that fills the gaps between the next showing of The Dark Knight Rises or The Bourne Legacy.
(Lockout has been out on Bluray in the USA, it’s currently vomitting on UK and Holland screens right now)

3/10 stars!



4 thoughts on “Lockout (2012)

  1. Ouch. I think I actually enjoyed this more much than you did. Yeah, it was dumb, loud and dead on arrival but it pretends to be nothing more than that I suppose. Am I really defending this film? Hmm. maybe but marginally. I think it had it’s charm being a fun time waster and no more.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | September 5, 2012, 17:51
  2. Hey Vic! I think this isn’t pretending to be more than it was because it knows how shitty it is. The effects were bad and the acting, aside from the overacting Guy Pearce, was horrible. It felt so generic to me and not worthy of my time spent on it, I can see how it can be fun to spend some time on, but looking back I wish I spent it on something else! 🙂

    Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | September 5, 2012, 18:04
  3. Thanks for reviewing Lockout, That Dutch Film Lover! Just before leaving my office at DISH on Friday, I went online and rented Lockout. It downloaded to my Hopper and was ready to watch before I got home. Personally, I enjoyed Lockout, when it came out in 1981 as Escape from New York. The only real difference being that the special effects were better… in 1981.

    Posted by Gil | September 17, 2012, 03:50

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