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Stoker – The full trailer (+ thoughts)

You have just seen the trailer to Chan-Wook Park’s (director of Oldboy) first hollywood movie.
The internet is buzzing with excitement (sites like or are calling this original and atmospheric. Granted, it is atmospheric, which is thanks to Chan-Wook, and the script which is written by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, is being hailed for it’s originality which is yet to be judged in its entirety.
But if we step away for a moment from the visuals we’ve just seen, what is this movie really doing that hasn’t been done before?

A little girl’s dad dies, leaving her with her bitch of a mother (CLICHE!) who (as the trailer clearly shows us) is infatuated with her uncle, already giving away major clues on more knowledge from her mother on the situation regarding her father’s untimely demise. Then we learn that the uncle in question is a (serial)killer and that she’s willing to learn the trade from him, alongside of that is a hint of sexual attraction between her and her uncle as well. So basically it mixes elements from Lolita and movies like Leon and Hannah to create this.

I think that even though the internet, and especially websites like Joblo, pride themselves on getting film under the attention of many, they are creating their own little hypes now with movies such as this. If it’s offbeat or by a (to a broad audience at least) unknown director, they start raving about it, when all I see is just a very well shot but all too familiar story.
Is it just me, or do we need to take a step back and judge ourselves on what we still see as original?
The poster, which serves as the banner to this post, is as original as the story, a black onesheet.

I might be getting old, or I might have simply seen to much, but Im hoping that this year brings us something a bit more original than what this trailer has shown me (and you as a reader) today.



2 thoughts on “Stoker – The full trailer (+ thoughts)

  1. One word. Meh. One of those “we’ll see” type of flicks.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | September 28, 2012, 18:11

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