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Broken laptop!

As is the case with a website that is being run in private (and in this case by 1 person), there are a lot of factors which determine if it’s ran properly.
Birthdays, Illness or the breaking of material can prevent us from not doing as much on the website as we’d like to!

Enter the 2nd of October 2012 when my cat decided to use my laptop as a springboard to get of off the cabinet and therefore effectively killing my laptop.
It has been a full 10 days and thankfully I am in the posession of a new laptop now and I can start uploading articles again.
Expect them rolling in sometime next week, with the return of Vic’s Classics as well as a brand new blog by JK!



3 thoughts on “Broken laptop!

  1. Well, that is awesome news! What’s this Vic’s Classics you mentioned? 😀

    Posted by Victor De Leon | October 7, 2012, 17:43

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