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The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far away from civilization.

Remakes are the most common thing to happen in the world of horror. And because of that fact there are a lot of people who aren’t particularly pumped to see another ”re-imagining” of a loved horror movie.
So having said that, how does ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ fare in the land of remakes? Pretty damn good people, pretty damn good.

The Hills Have Eyes is a 1977 horror movie directed by a little known man called Wes Craven (Scream, Nightmare on Elmstreet) and garnered a cult following over the years that followed. Because it’s not that well known amongst a broader and more mainstream crowd, the remake which came out in 2006 had people going in with an open-minded view.

With Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Mirror Mirror) behind the camera and a relatively unknown cast coupled with some old veterans, we revisit the tale of a family that gets stranded in the desert and subsequently attacked by a bunch of inbred maniacs.
The movie doesn’t shy away from the horror, and from it’s own essence. This is by all means a horror movie in the classic sense of the word. It’s gore, blood, a wafer-thin storyline and some tits thrown in for good measure. But when done right, it’s guaranteed fun.

We meet the family in the opening minutes when they are filling up gas at the station (which is ran by a brilliant Tom Bower) as Big Bob (Ted Levine..if you know your horror you know him from his voice alone) the family patriarch, tries to get directions to California.
It’s a by the numbers opening scene where all the characters are established. This means we get a wimpy son in law, a hot daughter, a wisenose son, big bob is the stubborn dad and the somewhat milfy Ethel.

With a movie like this you have to see it from the right perspective, we are watching this because we are waiting for horrible things to happen to them, and boy does director Aja bring it.
We get severed limbs accompanied by lots of blood and all sorts of great set-ups, but most important of all, it serves its purpose in the story.
The family finds itself under a brutal night time attack quite early on and I felt the character arcs were all relatively well-handled. There are no real shocks or twists, but it’s none the less never distractive of the story.

It also boasts some gorgeous scenery from the outskirts of California and every actor brings his a-game.
Reviewing this is quite hard because I don’t want to elaborate on the various set-ups and scenes, it would demolish your pleasure as a first time viewer. But what I will say is this: watch it, enjoy it for what it is, and try to remember when the last time was when you saw a guy getting his eye torn out by a pick axe.
That’s right, if you can describe a movie with that’s worth a shot horrorfreaks!

To round things off, it doesn’t pack a punch if you aren’t in for this kind of horror, which is brutal and in your face. But in it’s genre this is definitely better than most movies you could get your hands on.
Well shot, ably acted and full of gore, watch ‘The Hills have eyes’ and see for yourself!

7.5/10 stars!



2 thoughts on “The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

  1. Well, now I feel like I made a wise choice in getting this movie. Going to watch it soon! Thanks for the head’s up and the good review. It flowed nicely!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | October 12, 2012, 18:12

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