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JK’s Movie Blog | A Big Blank

I didn’t write.

I didn’t write a thing for weeks now.
Well I wrote a short email to the creator of this website to tell him not to expect a new blog any time soon due to some lack of inspiration and available time to write it.

I write a lot and with relative ease as well, but to write every blog based on a movie subject was something different. I sat behind the computer for days without writing a single letter, the only thing I created were big dark bags under my saddened eyes.
A big blank was all that reigned my brain.
But finally this weekend it struck me, no inspiration was the answer.

The great minds over in Hollywood deliver great stories but at the same time there is no other place on earth  where lack of inspiration is as much represented as in Hollywood. One glance at some of the movie titles is enough: Piranha 3d, and of course it’s sequel Piranha 3DD, Double D. Yes, it’s exactly what you think, women with even bigger breasts splashing around computer generated piranha’s. All the Twilight and even Harry Potter movies are all book adaptations and so is the much garnered Lord of the Rings and this year’s The Hobbit.
Brilliant movies, but the story already existed. So we have remakes, book adaptations and since recently we can add boardgame adaptations to this list.
Battleship probably hit the budget buckets of your favorite dvd or blu-ray shop and with a monopoly and risk movie yet to be released we can count on numerous more boardgame remakes.

So there I was this weekend sitting behind my computer.
I could have written a blog based on a book or boardgame, but after writing a great piece about the well being of the monopoly guy I still didn’t get satisfaction.
I used all the Hollywood tricks.
I searched a blog of someone else and rewrote the whole thing in my own words but left the title untouched.

No this was also not the solution. I didn’t want to create something just for the sake of creating something, I needed to have a message. So where I first thought I had to stay close to Hollywood I will now take a few steps away from it and will end the blog with a supplication to Hollywood.

Please writers, directors, producers and creators be a little bit more like me and take a few weeks off. Go out, have fun, take a break and return with a fresh mind to amaze us with some great original stories.



7 thoughts on “JK’s Movie Blog | A Big Blank

  1. Oh Jomme, I hope inspiration will come to you soon. It can strike you at the most unexpected moments 😉
    I think you are absolutely right. The only advantage I see is that we don’t have to feel the need to watch all the movies that come out. Now that the really good ones are so scarce, we can make sure to watch them all 🙂
    To my knowledge most movies are based on books, also the really good ones, so this is not really a factor. You’re right about the story already being on paper, but it takes a very talented screenplay writer to make it work as a movie.
    The financial crisis is a big reason for the lack of creativity. Hollywood is not doing very well at the moment so most of the movies that are being made are the ones that are guaranteed to make big profits. Which of course are the really sucky ones you described in your blog…

    Posted by pelgrimrat | October 16, 2012, 09:41
    • I don’t know Maarten how much the financial crisis is hitting hollywood. I think when the actors still get millions of dollars for performing in movies they have nothing to worry about. It’s a downward spiral they will be in very soon. If they make mediocre movies people will not pay money to go to the cinema and download the movies. The Hobbit for example, there is not a single hair in my pubic area that thinks about downloading the damn thing. I have to see it in the cinema.

      Posted by JK | October 18, 2012, 16:00
  2. Very thought provoking post, Paul. I agree very much with the fact that we need the creators in Hollywood to take a break from all the unoriginality they push on us. They need to either go back to film school, listen and learn how the studios used to produce movies in the 1930’s and 1940’s, try to separate the good from the mediocre and produce some very interesting films. Why do they need to make movies based on action figures and board games? They do need to sit back and take a break or re-assess things. Ugh. Great post bro. I like to read about that very curious and involving film brain of yours. 😀

    Posted by Victor De Leon | October 16, 2012, 20:16
    • Thanks for the kind comments Vic! But this is written by Jomme, who does the JK Movie blog every 2 weeks!

      Glad you like his post! he’s quite a movie buff himself as well. And it provokes thoughts and comments which is always good! thanks for reading and responding!

      Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | October 16, 2012, 20:18
      • Yeah, I noticed my goof after I had posted the comment lol. I wrote another comment thanking and complimenting him on his write up. Thanks bro! 😀

        Posted by Victor De Leon | October 16, 2012, 20:27
  3. Oops, my apologies. I had thought Paul has written this post. A thousand apologies. JK, kudos on a well thought out and written piece. I enjoyed it very much.

    – Vic

    Posted by Victor De Leon | October 16, 2012, 20:18
    • Hahahaha mistakes are easily made Vic. As you will see when you search for director Griff Furst on IMDB. His latest tv movie is called Arachnoquake. The title already predicts the crap that the movie contains. If even the titles lack inspiration than the movie itself is useless aswell. Thank you for the comment Vic.

      Posted by JK | October 18, 2012, 15:57

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