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I’m writing my dissertation the next 8 months and this is the prologue to it. I wanted to share this with those interested.
My dissertation will encompass a lot of stuff about cinema, but more on that later, enjoy and feel free to give feedback.

A movie is like an old friend, it’s like your imagination brought to life, it’s the power to see beyond what we know and into what the world has to offer. It can be a mirror to ones actions or a smile on the face of a beautiful woman. It’s engrossing, it’s real and it’s unreal and I don’t think I could ever love anything as much as I love the movies.

There is no medium, no force that’s equal in power and that has brought forth so many pieces of pure art then cinema has.
My whole life has been driven by movies, by the power of imagination and by the will to overcome whatever life has thrown in my way. Whether it’s viewed to be as simple as daydreaming or as intelligent as being a visionary, it’s the guide in my life and it’s the heart of what I consider to be worth living for.

I don’t live in a basement, although I do live at home at 26 years old with plans of moving out in 2013 with my girlfriend. So some of the stigma’s aren’t applied to me in terms of being ‘a film nerd’ and some probably are. But it’s not important if other people feel like I feel about cinema. It’s not me being pretentious or trying to be more than i am, it’s admiration and appreciation and it’s honest.

Oftentimes I feel like Robin Williams in that painting, in the wonderful and underappreciated movie ‘What Dreams May Come’, it’s being a part of art, of life, and seeing something you don’t think anybody else is seeing. If I try to find people who share this sickening love of the movies I come to end up with people such as James Dean or Coppola, not the boy next door or my best friend.
At times that can be dishartening as well as a force that drives me.
It’s not a matter of where I am or where I’m going, it’s a matter of being true to what I feel is right.
There will come a day that this love will lead to good things, and I’m sure of it.

Movies are a part of our lives, whether it’s big or small, and they are art.
It moves me and drives me, and without it, life would be stripped away from it’s glory.
Like the painter who has gone blind, or the musician gone deaf, don’t shy away from what’s there to be seen. Witness the world, witness the people around you, listen to the story’s they have to tell and learn from them. See something for more then you think it should be seen and watch a movie, not to be entertained, but to feel alive.

Movies are what drives me, Art drives me.
Take the ride.



2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. I really enjoyed that Paul. Very profound. Good job and thanks for sharing your “Passion!”

    Posted by Victor De Leon | October 29, 2012, 22:44

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