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Movies, everyone has an opinion.


It’s the one common factor that binds all of us that come on this site or others, to read, discuss and get informed about them.
What’s interesting to me is that everyone seems to have an opinion about movies, whether you’re still a young kid who is discussing the latest ‘Spy Kids’ movie or a teenager discussing the latest Spidey flick, it’s almost always a topic of conversation.

But there are subtle differences which decide whether or not their opinion is deemed valid.
For instance, when discussing the highly praised movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ people will say stuff like ‘loved the action’ or a snob might say ‘loved the cinematography’, but when you look at it closely, TDKR had a very weak script and a LOT of plotholes. Whether it was Batman returning to Gotham without any means to his disposal, recovering from his broken back by hanging on a rope around his waist, or the fact that Blake knew Bruce was Batman because he saw Bruce once when he was 10.

It can become frustrating when you’re discussing a movie, especially if you’re studying them like me, and people don’t know what they are talking about. Ofcourse, whether or not TDKR is a good movie is subjective, but whether or not the lighting was good, the script was or the actors in it, are all factors which can be judged based upon knowledge about those specific things.

This is not meant to be an article praising my own knowledge about cinema, I’m curious about you, the people reading this. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that the person you were talking with just didn’t have a clue of what he was talking about.
Now, as is the case with everything, there’s liking something, loving it and being passionate about it.
Every opinion matters, whether or not it is based on knowledge or just a feeling. But every now and again, it would be nice if people who critisice a movie, take the time to learn a bit more about the inner workings of it all.

Not everybody can become a scholar in the subject, and neither do they have to, but it’s about time that more people start seeing cinema for what it really is: an art form.
And not just Rambo 8: Upping the Killing Ante that’s playing in one of their local cinemas.
Please sound off in the comments below if you ever had that feeling of: dude, what are you talking about?

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One thought on “Movies, everyone has an opinion.

  1. I still feel like a novice many times. I am still learning and I am still experiencing new objectives, angles and interpretations. I liken it to when I get caught in a sports conversation…Let’s take Football for instance. I don’t know all the terminologies, plays, stats and vernacular but I am a fan of the sport and the competitiveness. I try not to come across as knowing more than I really do. I feel that some “casual” fans of either cinema as a whole or just a particular genre may at times take a bite bigger than they can chew when they try to appeal to someone’s intellect and try to sound “deep” (One can’t really blame them. Cinema is a great topic and wouldn’t most people like to sound smart when talking about it?) or like me, sometimes, “stupid” when trying to discuss Football with a crazed super-fan. Great article, Paul.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | November 20, 2012, 17:00

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