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The Walking Dead – Season 3 (Episodes 1-8)

Walking_Dead_Season_3_Official_PosterAh yes, The Walking Dead, one of my favorite shows, returns for it’s first half of their third season, but does it continue to score and shrug off some of it’s lesser developed parts?

The show which started in 2010 quickly gained a large and dedicated fanbase who either came from the comicbooks on which this show is based or from the fact that those unfamiliar with it’s content finally found a horror tv-show that told a story and developed it’s characters with proper story arcs.

2 years later and we are ushered in to season 3 with the introduction of Michonne. Michonne is definitely one of the more ‘comicbooky’ entrances to the show, but because of the effort to try and ground it all in a realistic environment, it doesn’t feel out of place.
Carrying a large katana and having 2 slave zombies carrying her stuff around makes her a badass from the moment we are introduced her.

And speaking of introductions, we also witness the return of Merle (Darryl’s left for dead brother) and Tyrese (who, if the comics are closely followed, will become a major part of the latter half of the season).
But the biggest and baddest entry of all is the introduction of ‘the governor’ played by David Morrissey.
As we soon find out after Rick and his gang inhabit an empty prison, there’s a small town being run by the so-called governor, and to make matters worse: Andrea and Merle are over there, unknowing of the whereabouts of Rick.

Ofcourse, as the season progresses and the plot thickens, one and one are finally put together by theTWD-Episode-301-Group-Fight-560 groups in a true to fashion cliffhanger episode which capped off the first 8 episode run which ended last sunday.
The objections against the show still stand though, epic battles and emotional developments are often met with lots of filler episodes which bring little to the table in terms of story. We get some major developments in this first half, but sometimes you get the feeling that either the writers or the director has trouble to even out the true highs with the lows.

In fact, the final 2 episodes leading up to the finale from last night, had me wondering if it was even worth to keep following the show. Having read a portion of the comics, I know what’s coming in this season (aside from the minor differences with the tv-show) and it can at times take away some of the fun you get from watching it without any pre knowledge. Having said that, the finale did feature everything that made the show to what it is today.
Every character feels fleshed out and after hours of time spent with them, you really do feel for them and the problems they have to face.

If the show can even out some of the minor wrinkles in the latter half of the season, this could very well turn out being the best season so far.
Whether you are a big fan or not, there’s something in here for everyone, and the ‘zombie’ angle oftentimes becomes pushed aside for the human conflict that arises from it. It makes this show unique, even 3 years after it’s initial launch and still relevant to us all.

This season comes highly recommended.



3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Season 3 (Episodes 1-8)

  1. I have a couple of recaps to do including last night’s episode. Glad to see you are taking this season head on! I’m so stoked for Tyrese. He will always be one of my favorite male characters from the books. Great post, bro!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | December 3, 2012, 19:53

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