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Flight (2012)

1339416508AMSytNAn airline pilot saves a flight from crashing, but an investigation into the malfunctions reveals something troubling.

Robert Zemeckis, the director of ‘Flight’, has earned his place amongst the big directors. With movies such as ‘Cast Away’ or the entire ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy he has shown what he can do with a single character.
His latest, starring Denzel Washington, is a raw and intelligent movie and probably amongst the best he’s ever made.

Denzel plays Whip Witaker, an airline pilot whom we meet up with roughly an hour before flying his plane back to Chicago.
Soon after taking off, everything goes horribly wrong.
What happens next is perhaps the most frightening display of a plane crash ever seen on the screen.
Zemeckis soars through the airplane with a great sense of expertise (probably from his experience in CGI movies) and never crosses the line into absurdity.
The plane eventually crashlands in a field and shortly after, Whip is being considered a hero by the American people.

And that’s exactly when the movie kicks into gear, we discover that Whip is an alcoholic and the investigators tasked with finding out what happened on the flight soon find out that Whip has had alcohol in his blood when flying.
Suddenly, Whip is no longer the hero but a man facing a possible life in prison.

For those who expected a movie solely based around ‘the crash’ and the heroic antics that Denzel isFLIGHT known for, you can be excused. This is probably one of the meatiest roles that Denzel has taken on in the last couple of years, and he absolutely nails it.
You hate him and yet you feel for him, he constantly walks that thin line with us as an audience.
Having John Goodman around as his drug supplier and Kelly Reilly (who was great in ‘Eden Lake’) as a recovering drug addict who meets up with him during the course of the movie doesn’t hurt either.

The cast is great and all of them give great performances. What makes it all glue together is the combined effort of Zemeckis and Washington.
Everything you see in this movie is grounded in reality, whether it’s the planecrash or the characters which inhabit the scenes of ‘Flight’.
Every year there are a few movies who scream Oscar® to us, and this definitely is one of them.
I’d be surprised if Denzel doesn’t at the very least get a nomination for this role, and he deserves it to.

If you were on the fence about this movie: think again.
Flight is one of the finest movies to come out this year, and it demands to be seen by as big an audience as possible.

8/10 stars!



3 thoughts on “Flight (2012)

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I hadn’t read anything about it or seen the trailer prior to watching it (It was one of those “show up at the theater and see what’s playing at a reasonable time” days, haha), so I really had no clue what to expect. Denzel was fantastic in it.

    Posted by Lindsey | December 27, 2012, 17:51
  2. Good review! I’m glad to see Zemeckis back in action. Denzel looks amazing in the part. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | December 27, 2012, 22:32

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