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Bron/Broen aka The Bridge – Season 1 (2011)

l_1733785_273d35f7When a body is found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, right on the border, Danish inspector Martin Rohde and Swedish Saga Norén have share jurisdiction and work together to find the killer.

Just a few months ago, people around the world have finished up the first 2 seasons of ‘The Killing’, the show that was based on the Danish original called ‘Forbrydelsen’ garnered some praise but mostly hatred from fans who found that the story was taking to long to come to its conclusion. In retrospect, they should have watched the original.

And now you get the chance to do just that with another Danish/Swedish production called ‘Bron’ or by its English name ‘The Bridge’.

In a world where everything is referenced in order to get people interested, ‘The Bridge’ is often mentioned in one breath with ‘The Killing’ and just like I did just now to get you guys interested, ofcourse there are similarities between them. They are both procedural crime dramas and are made in Scandinavia, but that’s it.

‘The Bridge’ is about a bridge, to be specific: the Øresund Bridge which connects the city of Copenhagen (Denmark) with Malmö (Sweden). It’s here that Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) and Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) first meet after getting a call about a body being found on the bridge. Both are police detectives, Martin hails from Copenhagen and Saga from Malmö.
Shortly after, we discover that the body is equally divided between the two of them, her legs lay in Denmark and her top body in Sweden.

A joint investigation is started with Martin and Saga now working together to find out who’s behind thetumblr_m50gmwsLmY1r13x2bo1_500 horrible murder.
What makes this story work isn’t the hunt for the killer (which by itself is worth watching) but it’s a number of other things.
The cast, for better or worse (depending on your personal taste) is largely unknown to any of us living outside of the respective countries, and it makes for an engaging 10 hours of tv.
Martin is a very empathic guy, someone who really shows that he’s seen it all just by the way he acts (and not in an arrogant way either), he works with Sara, a driven young woman who shows more than a few signs of being autistic.

Her incapability of showing emotions is intriguing, and seeing her working with her common sense only, makes her view on the events unfolding on screen quite refreshing.
Ofcourse, a tv show that lasts ten episodes has more going on then the stuff mentioned above, but I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for you guys.
What’s important is that the story has a beginning and an end and that, while not perfect, is way better then what we usually get to watch on tv.

Ofcourse, people will claim it took inspiration from ‘The Killing’ with its bleak colour palette and the somewhat rigid character of Sara which is reminiscent of Sarah Lund, the lead from ‘The Killing, and Lisbeth Salander from the ‘Millennium’ movies (which is also worth seeing before watching the US remake ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo).
But in the end, it’s just a damn good tv-show, with a clear inspiration by movies like ‘Seven’ and a crime drama like ‘The Killing’ and a great cast, you would be missing out on a show that will definitely become rehashed in well over 10 countries (do a bit of Googling and you’ll find a US/UK and Spanish remake already in the works) with the original just waiting for you to be seen.

I know I recommend lots of stuff on here, but this is one to remember guys.
‘The Bridge’ is currently filming its second season which will tell a story about a freighter headed for the same titular bridge, that will air next fall.
Make sure you free up ten hours before that releases so you can experience a show that demands your attention and gets you excited for what’s coming next.

8.5/10 stars!



4 thoughts on “Bron/Broen aka The Bridge – Season 1 (2011)

  1. Hmm… gotta check this one out. Thanks bro!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | December 30, 2012, 19:02
  2. Hello, I could not resist leaving a comment on something that is close to my heart. For lack of better words I have become hooked on Scandies. I also like Borgen, (French) Engrenages, Braquo, and of course, (UK) Sherlock, Foyles War etc.
    I cannot tell you how elated I am to see Season 2 of Bron/Broen. Kim Bodnia grows on you like a well-earned waistline. And of course Sophia Helin draws you in.
    The show is is superb and the US version: The Bridge, is worth watching.
    Enjoyed your blog will come back, happy watching.
    John in California

    (Bron/Broen, Borgen, Millennium a.k.a. girl with the Dragon tattoo trilogy, Wallander, Forbrydelsen, Engrenages, Braquo, Sherlock, Foyles War, and (US) The Bridge, The Killing.)

    Posted by John in California | October 16, 2013, 17:47

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