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The Evil Dead (2013) – The Ultimate Red Band Trailer

wow. just wow.
Yes, I know your first thought: These are probably all the best parts of the movie.
Nope, not the case.
Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell (the creative production force behind this remake) already stated that this won’t be a case of a trailer that tells the story in short.
Ofcourse, all the bits and pieces from the original are there: the tree raping, the book (in it’s old design btw, that reveal was awesome) and the obligatory chainsaw stuff.

But it’s all covered in a lovely dark sense of dread.
This remake might have befallen to a lot of hatred from fans who claim that this is a needless remake and so on, but this trailer proves you wrong.
It looks to deliver on the horror side of things with a mean mean vengeance.

Nice going Sam, nice going.



3 thoughts on “The Evil Dead (2013) – The Ultimate Red Band Trailer

  1. WHOA. This looks Twisted! That vomit scene is just so insane! This looks really good. I agree with you there. Raimi is the man! Thanks.

    Posted by Victor De Leon | January 4, 2013, 19:16

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