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The Collection (2012)

imagesA man who escapes from the vicious grips of the serial killer known as “The Collector” is blackmailed to rescue an innocent girl from the killer’s booby-trapped warehouse.

When I first saw ‘The Collector’ in 2009 I didn’t really expect much of it. Torture porn with a side dash of generic villain was my first thought. But as it turned out ‘The Collector’ packed quite a punch.

So when I heard rumblings of a sequel I immediately fell into that same train of thought I had back in ’09. They’ll fuck up the original with the usual mistakes that horror sequels make, more deaths, less plot and non sensical gore.
Well, it’s strike 2 for me now, since ‘The Collection’ is a worthy sequel!

The movie picks things up straight after the events of part 1, this means (minor spoilers ahead) that our main character Arkin (Josh Stewart) is trapped by ‘The Collector’ and is still alive, fighting to break free.
Just as a little side-note for those of you who forgotten about our bad guy: he’s an anonymous guy who kills people and leaves one alive to put inside a box. That box is then placed around the vicinity of the new target for his gruesome murders.

Where part 1 failed to truely flesh out our villain, the sequel does its best to really make him shine.
Assuming those watching this movie have seen part 1, there’s no need to make him as mysterious as he was in that flick and director Marcus Dunstan puts him in the spotlight from the first moments up until the final ones.

What can’t be hidden by style and gore is that the story is far from original. Newcomer Emma FitzpatrickThe_Collection-photo2 plays Elena, a rich girl who is abducted by our killer. Because she is rich and her dad cares for her, he sends out a team of mercenaries to track down and kill her captor.
It’s here that the first truely unbelievable scene occurs when Arkin (who has freed himself in the first couple of minutes) meets up with the mercenaries and agrees to guide them to the collectors home.

But it’s a horror movie and a sequel, feel free to look past that, because even though the plot is just putting people in line to get killed, the way they get killed is highly original at times.
The Collector is now not just a menace, but a brilliant one as well.
With elaborate kills and a boobytrapped house full of sick and twisted rooms, you can’t help but enjoy yourself seeing it unfold on your screen.

Director Dunstan makes the most out of a bareboned script and through his eye for horror and style manages to entertain for the entire 90 minute length of the movie.
If they keep releasing these movies with 3 years between them and manage to make stories which are as entertaining as the first two, I’m all for it.

As far as ranking goes among the greats in horror, don’t expect this to kick Rosemary’s Baby off any list.
But that’s not always what is needed right?
It’s got style, decent acting, a cool killer and lots of elaborate kills. What more do you want from a good night of horror?

7/10 stars!



One thought on “The Collection (2012)

  1. I have this one lined up to watch. I can’t wait. I need to re-watch the first with Vicky since she seems interested in seeing both films. Good write up and thanks!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | February 5, 2013, 03:19

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