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The reason of my passion

My girlfriend, who I am very fortunate to have in my life, isn’t a big fan of speeches.
She doesn’t care for quotes either, she’s very much grounded in reality and yet she still possesses a great creative mind.
Since I know she reads this I might as well say it directly to her: I hope that you, Melissa, can take the time to listen to this speech because it is worthy of your time.

Never have I shared this with anyone, but this speech is what made me decide to study film, it’s what turned my interest for the subject into passion, I feel the message has great power, even well over 70 years later.
It’s an actor at the absolute height of his talent, taking the screen, owning it, and delivering a speech so carefully written and thought out, yet infuses it with so much power.

And I have still yet to see the movie in its entirety, I just can’t sit through it.
It’s as if my mind won’t fully take in what is happening on screen.
I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this can take those 4 minutes out of his shut off all the other sounds around him, and listen..TRUELY what’s being said here.
Don’t fast forward, don’t look towards your cell, and don’t start an e-mail to me about this post.

It might not have as profound an affect on you all as it has had on me, but I doubt anyone will be left untouched.



2 thoughts on “The reason of my passion

  1. Fucking beautiful my friend. Unlikely but beautiful all the same.

    Posted by Santos Ellin Jr AKA The Black Saint | March 8, 2013, 06:35
  2. incredibly epic. Great speech. Thanks for posting this. I do hope everyone checks it out. “The hate of men will die.”

    Posted by Victor De Leon | March 9, 2013, 18:35

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