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The Lords of Salem (2012)

the-lords-of-salem-large-pictureHeidi, a radio DJ, is sent a box containing a record — a “gift from the Lords.” The sounds within the grooves trigger flashbacks of her town’s violent past. Is Heidi going mad, or are the Lords back to take revenge on Salem, Massachusetts?

Rob Zombie, the rocker who went and became a director, has made quite a name for himself in the horrormovie scene.
After his debut film ‘House of 1000 corpses’ and its sequel ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ came out, people quickly let their scepticism go.
He followed those two movies up by remaking one of the biggest properties in horror: ‘Halloween’.

Much has been said about that endeavour of his, as well as the sequel he made and the notorious heavy cutting from his final version. But what’s even more interesting about the director of ‘The Lords of Salem’ is that he seems to be content with doing what he does. When asked at Tribeca what he hoped people would think of his latest movie, he simply replied with a ‘I don’t give a fuck’. And yet, his latest movie is probably his best effort to date.
The story is relatively easy in its setup.
As mentioned, the main lead (and Zombie’s wife) Sheri Moon Zombie, plays Heidi, a late night DJ who receives a box that plays satanistic music.

While any horror vet who’s seen Rosemary’s Baby will know where this movie will go, it’s the sense of total dread and despair that makes ‘The Lords of Salem’ worthy of our time.
To call this movie a slowburn is understating it. Featuring long panshots and multiple instances where the amount of dialogue consists of hardly 4 or 5 sentences, this is definitely a ‘slow’ movie.
However, slow doesn’t mean bad, as it serves a purpose.
The-Lords-of-Salem_MoonThe greatest thing about the movie ‘The Exorcist’ was the fact that the evil portrayed in there felt like it was inevitable, it couldn’t be escaped from, and at times it felt as if you were there with the characters.
The same, in a lesser way, goes for this flick.
It’s a short and hugely disturbing descent into the power of Satan and its followers.
By now, Mr. Zombie has become a hardened director and his skills start to show in a lot of different facets.
Whether that’s the performances he gets out of his cast, the camera movements or his talent to make a relatively lackluster and simple story into something you want to see, he is doing it.

Arguably, Sheri Moon Zombie is not the best actress to ever grace a screen, but she gives it her all.
Add a host of horror fav’s that grace the screen in supporting roles and one truely terrific scene involving the use of a piece composed by Mozart and you have all the ingredients for a worthwhile time at the movies.

This is one fucked up (70’s horror styled) ride I highly recommend taking.

9/10 stars



2 thoughts on “The Lords of Salem (2012)

  1. Good review, Paul! As you know I am not an RZ fan and his comment about not giving a fuck if people like his movie is in my opinion pretentious and stupid. But I admire his rebelliousness. I just don’t admire his films and I will most likely come around and watch LOS because I have heard a few good things about it. So we’ll see. Thanks!

    Posted by Victor De Leon | May 2, 2013, 02:10
    • I only know read this comment! christ!
      Yeah he doesn’t. He’s got a lot of people who dislike his movies as well. I think LOS is different from his other flicks though. Its got a lot more heart in it and you should def check it out!

      Posted by That Dutch Filmlover | May 19, 2013, 14:01

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