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Unexpected Friends

63017_10200796395812993_1526882229_nBeing passionate about movies (amongst other things) in this day and age, leads you to books, comics, college and sooner or later: the internet.
Because I’m literally obsessed with film, you don’t tend to come across a lot of people who are as crazy about it as you are, or who ‘get it’.

When I was invited by an unknown guy from Rochester to join his Facebook group about horror movies, I didn’t know if I thought it was the beginning of the end in terms of my social life, or that it was a good thing.

A few months later I got added to a Facebook group who is passionate about movie posters, which led to a lot of great (and not so great) discussions, ultimately creating a place for which to discuss stuff that ‘normal people’ just don’t get.

It turned out being an enrichment to a passion I already had been actively pursuing in my studies. I’ve met a lot of people, some who are living in a basement of their mom, others who work as a CEO for a big company, and others who are trying to make it in showbusiness themselves.
As time went by, I finished school, met my girlfriend, grew older and the group of people that I met grew.
There are two of those guys who I thought deserved a heartfelt message.
Out of respect for their privacy, I’ve decided to adress them by nickname.

El Diablo

Because of you, I am able to write on this website, your willingness to discuss movies with me, techniques, life and loss, and various other things have made me appreciate you more then some of the people in my surroundings.
I am at great awe for the personal journey you have went through and are still going through.
There’s this profound moment I remember when I was in England for my job and the excruciating pain from my wisdom teeth made it impossible for me to catch some sleep.
We talked the entire night about movies and comics but mostly life.
There are so many things that I’d like to say but I’m actually pretty sure you know them already.
When we meet, and you know that we will in the end, I look forward to having dinner with you and your family and spend time together.


Getting to know you has been a really interesting ride, your humor and intelligence have been a real positive influence on my day to day life.
For someone who isn’t all that keen on showing his real feelings, your actions speak for itself.
There’s not an awful lot to say that will stop you from going ‘shush’ on me, but hear me out.
For a guy on such a hard journey in terms of dreams, ambitions and life itself, your positive attitude, your willingness to hear me out and put words of confidence in my mind to make my dreams realities are really more than I could ask for.
The things you’ve done for me serve as reminders of that fact which I don’t even need.
It’s been a real pleasure to get to know you and I hope I can be as good a friend to you as you are to me.

Then there’s my former neighbour Jomme.
The only guy I met who was as crazy about film as I was decided to leave the country (that should tell you something about hanging out with me) and kept in touch throughout.
Not only that but he updates the Facebook page daily, he’s always open to discuss movies and a friend away from home (like all of you are).

Last but not least is the most important person in my life: Melissa.
You are an unexpected friend because I could never have thought that all of my passions could be shared with my girlfriend. That might be a shallow conclusion, but it is one that’s born from experience.
You are always open to discuss whatever is on my mind, hear me out and push me to chase my dreams.
Without you I wouldn’t have been where I am today, and that, by all means, is a good thing.

I hope you guys are doing great and keep doing great.
Thank you for being around and keeping the passion I have alive and kicking!


Mom, Dad, it should serve as a no brainer that there’s not a list you wouldn’t be on.
Love you guys.



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