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” Is this a good movie? ”, the common question for the movie geek.

With movies being as embedded as they are in our current day society, the question ‘is this a good movie?’ always seems to pop up in everyday conversation. Ever since I started to study the subject of film, this question has been popping up even more often. Friends or family will come to you asking … Continue reading

Hank Moody | The study of a controversial character

Some people know the name, some don’t. There are probably a lot more people who know the guy who’s portraying him: David Duchovny. Known from his role on ‘The X-Files’ as agent Mulder, Duchovny started his work on Californication back in ’07. As is with most things you see on tv, be it a movie … Continue reading

Steven Spielberg | Hated & Loved

Steven Spielberg | Hated & Loved If you think of movies there is a good chance that the name Steven Spielberg pops up a few times. The man is responsible for a whole slew of blockbusters, including: Jaws, E.T., Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan and many many more. So it’s only logical that … Continue reading

Cinema | Conveying your Passion

Everybody has different passions in life, some have only one, some have lots. But to convey that passion to a friend or lover is the hardest thing to do. When I started out watching films, I was raised on a plethora of movies. I grew up with a dad who liked movies and rented them … Continue reading

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